Testimonials from Mechanchim


Mrs. E. Hebel, Menaheles

Dear Rabbi Veshnefsky, I would like to thank you and share some feedback on the course you did with our 12th grade this year. I can’t begin to describe how many girls have shared with me what an im...

Testimonials from Students and Parents

students & parents

Tova, 12th Grader

I would have had a scared and foolish feeling if a person asked me why I am Jewish and to prove my religion is real. In the past, I probably would have stuttered and said something stupid. It’s i...

students & parents

Shraga K., parent

Listening to your lectures along with other people, I see the impact it made on everyone. While it addresses head on topics which most people are afraid to confront, and guides the perplexed of our...

students & parents

Chaim R., parent

I know that we briefly spoke at yeshiva and I mentioned to you that I was very happy to see how Eliyahu took to your shiurim. Looking into it deeper while talking to him, he was very candid as to h...