Rabbi Moshe Witkin, Rosh Yeshiva

Rabbi Veshnefsky’s shiurim are crucial for a yeshiva bochur to properly shteig.  Without the clear yesodos which he speaks about, a bochur’s learning has no foundation.  A bochur is more self-motivated about learning Torah when he knows that there is no reality other than Torah.

Rabbi Veshnefsky does an exceptional job at clearly explaining what our mesorah is, and how it is definitive without question.  His expertise on this topic makes him most suitable for such shiurim.  His logic is airtight and he offers an overwhelming amount of proof.

In addition to Rabbi Veshnefsky’s basic shiurim, he also addresses very basic hashkafah issues, that yeshiva bochurim think about.  He presents the Da’as Torah on these issues based on Chazal and our Gedolim.

The bochurim walk away with an invigorated feeling for Torah and Mitzvos, and the confidence needed to ignore the attractions of the world.  A sixteen year old bochur who does Na’aseh withour Nishma causes himself inner turmoil.  If a bochur has a real question and his Rebbe doesn’t have a valid answer, the bochur loses respect for his Rebbe and our mesorah in general.  Such tragic situations have happened and Rabbi Veshnefsky’s shiurim will prevent them from happening again. 


Rabbi Witkin,

Rosh Yeshiva, Yeshiva Keser Ohr