Rabbi M. Shain, Rosh Yeshiva

Lkovod Rabbi Chaim Veshnefsky,

I want to personally thank you for donating so graciously of your time to benefit the Bochrim in our Yeshiva. You aren’t privy to the effects of your lectures. I would like to share with you some of the outgrowth of your efforts. I’ve seen personally Bochrim who were unable to relate to their Yidishkiet positively – some found Davening burdensome and others couldn’t commit to learning seriously. This is a result of harboring doubts and confusion as to its relevance. These boys were sorely missing the underpinnings to our Emunah and veracity of our Mesorah. When you came in to speak to some classes, the Bochrim welcomed a fresh face and were eager to hear these subjects discussed comprehensively. They soon realized that your material was well researched and you had thorough knowledge in Torah. With your engaging personality you were able to convey to these boys that Hashem and His Torah are real and our Mesorah is rock solid. You connected well especially when your emotions showed through at times and when you grew passionate. The boys witnessed how you were happy to stay behind to answer their questions. I began noticing how the boys were anticipating the day you were scheduled to come. What followed was that Bochrim who were sitting on the fence or weren’t ready to invest more of themselves, began to revisit the way they looked at Yidishkeit. Davening was seen as an opportunity and Torah a great treasure. They began appreciating their time in Yeshiva. There are some who became so fully committed that I’ve witnessed them make a complete turn around, which I ascribe to the influence you had on them.

I wish you continued Hatzlacha in all that you do for the community, and with all others that you come in contact with.

With much Hakaras Hatov,
Rabbi M. Shain
Rosh Yeshiva, Yeshivas Iyun Hatalmud