Rabbi Mendel Silberberg, Rosh Yeshiva

Dear Rabbi Veshnefsky,

Thank you so much for coming to Yeshivah to give weekly shiurim on the fundamentals of Yiddishkeit. To say that the bochurim gained from the shiurim is an understatement! The looks of awe and wonder in their eyes as you brought the proofs of emes Hatorah, in such a clear fashion, was precious. It quickly became the highlight of the week for so many of the bochurim, and the simcha of clarity in emunah was very clear for me to see.  The bochurim were also reached on an emotional level when you shared with us stories about your Baalei  Teshuva talmidim.  May Hashem bentch you with much hatzlacha in your Harbatzas Hatorah!

R’ Mendel Silberberg,
Rosh Yeshiva  Mekor Hatorah