The Yesodei Hadas


So many adolescents today, even from the best Yeshivos and Bais Yaakovs, lack clarity as to how rock-solid our mesorah really is. Yet the Torah requires each and every one of us to know that Hashem and His Torah are real! (דברים ד:לט, רמב”ם יסודי התורה א:א) Frighteningly, in today’s world it is almost inevitable that students will encounter some of these basic questions about the veracity and applicability of our mesorah, whether through their own introspection or outside influences.

Therefore, Yesodei Hadas:

  • Ensures they have a clear and thorough understanding of the foundations of our mesorah

  • Gives them a perspective on how Yiddishkeit enhances all aspects of life

  • Answers contemporary questions about men’s and women’s roles, tznius, and more

  • Lays to rest niggling doubts about hashkafic issues like צדיק ורע לו (Suffering of the Innocent)

  • Provides a deeper understanding of the performance of mitzvos

Unique features of the Yesodei Hadas program:

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Multi-faceted approach with diverse logical arguments

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Dynamic interactive multimedia presentations

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Multiple sessions, allowing students time to process the material

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Question and answer sessions following each lesson


Each student feels complete confidence in his or her Yiddishkeit by the time the series is complete.

Bring Yesodei Hadas to your school or organization

Yesodei Hadas also offers lectures for parents and educators. Watch a sample of our convincing lectures:

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