Mrs. E. Hebel, Menaheles

Dear Rabbi Veshnefsky,
I would like to thank you and share some feedback on the course you did with our 12th grade this year. I can’t begin to describe how many girls have shared with me what an impact it has made on them. They are making comments like, “I always believed… But now I know!” Or “I used to have so many hashkafa questions, but I don’t anymore.” It gave them an incredible foundation in basic yesodos and an emunah that is based on rock-hard conviction which will last them a lifetime and truly help them withstand the many challenges that life brings. Not knowing that I had already arranged for you to come back next year, the 11th graders approached me begging for your course and literally cheered when I told them it was already set up. Throughout the course, you used so many different approaches and so many different ways of presenting material that I truly believe that you reached every single girl.
I would also like to share with you that when you spoke for the entire school in Elul on the topic of seeking answers to questions, your impact was so far-reaching, the girls were literally still quoting it until the end of the year. And in fact, in June one girl approached me with a very, very difficult question that had been weighing on her heart. She shared that the reason she felt it was OK to ask was because Rabbi Veshnefsky had encouraged it. Baruch HaShem, we spoke at length and I was able to help her find answers. May Hashem grant you the continued Koach to continue inspiring many more Bnos Yisrael!

Mrs Esti Hebel
Menaheles Bnos Bais Yaakov