Rabbi Gershon Septimus, 11th Grade Rebbe

Hello Reb Chaim! I just want to drop you a line of thanks about the amazing seminar that you gave for my class in Yeshiva Mekor Hatorah.

I must say that you gave the bochurim a real chizuk and a real sense of pride to be a Yid. They saw the things that we have all been taught to believe proven as truth- or as you like to say- reality!

From the historical proofs to the psychological proofs to the archeological proofs- the reality of our mesora reverberated with them as never before. It became clear that we are lucky to live in a world in which we embrace the search for truth and where we live with the emes of a בורא עולם  every day.

I think the grand finale in a way was the moshul that you gave with the Holocaust society and how that’s exactly what we live with every day when we put on tefilin or daven or learn etc.  I think it adds a whole new powerful dimension to doing the mitzvos.

One last thing. You probably remember how in the earlier classes there were some boys who were unable to appreciate the emes of some of the proofs (due to a processing issue like we discussed then). The beauty is that by the time the seminar was finished everyone was convinced that we live in the reality. I think that the many different categories of proof allow everyone to see the emes and walk away with the feeling of אשרינו מה טוב חלקינו!

Thanks again for giving of your valuable time for the bochurim (and for me)!  May you have much hatzlacha in spreading the emes of our mesora to all of klal yisroel!

With much hakaras hatov,
Rabbi Gershon Septimus
11th Grade Rebbi, Yeshiva Mekor Hatorah