Rabbi Chaim Goldblatt Rosh Yeshiva

Every yeshiva bachur in the world should be zoche to have such a wonderful seminar! It has given us an appreciation of our heilige Torah. It’s amazing how the connection that we have to Hakadosh Baruch Hu is on a different level – we feel it in our bones! We experienced such amazing, diverse evidence to Yiddishkeit from science, archeology, … Read More

Rabbi Moshe Witkin, Rosh Yeshiva

Rabbi Veshnefsky’s shiurim are crucial for a yeshiva bochur to properly shteig.  Without the clear yesodos which he speaks about, a bochur’s learning has no foundation.  A bochur is more self-motivated about learning Torah when he knows that there is no reality other than Torah. Rabbi Veshnefsky does an exceptional job at clearly explaining what our mesorah is, and how … Read More

Rabbi Yehuda Rosenblum, 11th Grade Rebbe

Dear Rav Chaim, I’m not known as someone that writes letters, but I couldn’t just sit back and not let you know how grateful I am for the unbelievable drashas that you gave to my shiur this year. I watched my talmidim grow in yiras shomayim and ahavas H-shem and where they are holding now that the year is over … Read More

Mrs. C.R. Twerski, Menaheles

Lechovod Rabbi Veshnefsky, My husband and I both listened to the tape that we received at the Torah Umesorah Convention where you presented questions that students may have as they grow up in the frum home, yet are afraid to ask.  The proofs that you brought straight from the Gemorah and from our Torah were fabulous. It was clear, interesting … Read More

Rabbi Gershon Septimus, 11th Grade Rebbe

Hello Reb Chaim! I just want to drop you a line of thanks about the amazing seminar that you gave for my class in Yeshiva Mekor Hatorah. I must say that you gave the bochurim a real chizuk and a real sense of pride to be a Yid. They saw the things that we have all been taught to believe … Read More

Mrs. E. Hebel, Menaheles

Dear Rabbi Veshnefsky, I would like to thank you and share some feedback on the course you did with our 12th grade this year. I can’t begin to describe how many girls have shared with me what an impact it has made on them. They are making comments like, “I always believed… But now I know!” Or “I used to … Read More

Rabbi Mendel Silberberg, Rosh Yeshiva

Dear Rabbi Veshnefsky, Thank you so much for coming to Yeshivah to give weekly shiurim on the fundamentals of Yiddishkeit. To say that the bochurim gained from the shiurim is an understatement! The looks of awe and wonder in their eyes as you brought the proofs of emes Hatorah, in such a clear fashion, was precious. It quickly became the … Read More

Rabbi M. Shain, Rosh Yeshiva

Lkovod Rabbi Chaim Veshnefsky, I want to personally thank you for donating so graciously of your time to benefit the Bochrim in our Yeshiva. You aren’t privy to the effects of your lectures. I would like to share with you some of the outgrowth of your efforts. I’ve seen personally Bochrim who were unable to relate to their Yidishkiet positively … Read More