Rabbi Chaim Goldblatt Rosh Yeshiva

Every yeshiva bachur in the world should be zoche to have such a wonderful seminar! It has given us an appreciation of our heilige Torah. It’s amazing how the connection that we have to Hakadosh Baruch Hu is on a different level – we feel it in our bones! We experienced such amazing, diverse evidence to Yiddishkeit from science, archeology, … Read More

Chani, 12th Grader

I appreciate the logic-based approach. I believe that such an approach is specifically helpful because there are times in a person’s life when the passions, excitement, and emotions for Judaism become lessened or burnt out, but as long as a person listens and understands this seminar, they will always have the facts to fall back on. Besides being an interesting … Read More

Henny, 12th Grader

The entire seminar was really incredible! A lesson that I greatly enjoyed and appreciated was the evidence that our Matan Torah is true and no one can make up such a thing. This, along with everything else we learned, will most probably prove useful at some point in our lives. We have that which to respond if ever questioned about … Read More

Tova, 12th Grader

I would have had a scared and foolish feeling if a person asked me why I am Jewish and to prove my religion is real. In the past, I probably would have stuttered and said something stupid. It’s ironic to think that I believed in Yiddishkeit, yet I sort of blindly followed the religion. Of course I believed in all … Read More

Yehoshua and Sara L., parents

Dear Rabbi Veshnefsky, This is just a short note to tell you Thank You! Thank you for teaching our son last year. All the lessons taught to him and his chaveirim were life changing! He told me that you were able to answer questions for them that no-one ever answered before. His 12th grade Rebbe told us that he feels … Read More

Shraga K., parent

Listening to your lectures along with other people, I see the impact it made on everyone. While it addresses head on topics which most people are afraid to confront, and guides the perplexed of our times, it benefits every good person as well. It redirects a person to focus on the real tachlis why we are here, and encourages us … Read More

Chaim R., parent

I know that we briefly spoke at yeshiva and I mentioned to you that I was very happy to see how Eliyahu took to your shiurim. Looking into it deeper while talking to him, he was very candid as to how much you made an impression of him. He said he was doing what everyone else was doing sort of … Read More

Rabbi Moshe Witkin, Rosh Yeshiva

Rabbi Veshnefsky’s shiurim are crucial for a yeshiva bochur to properly shteig.  Without the clear yesodos which he speaks about, a bochur’s learning has no foundation.  A bochur is more self-motivated about learning Torah when he knows that there is no reality other than Torah. Rabbi Veshnefsky does an exceptional job at clearly explaining what our mesorah is, and how … Read More

Rabbi Yehuda Rosenblum, 11th Grade Rebbe

Dear Rav Chaim, I’m not known as someone that writes letters, but I couldn’t just sit back and not let you know how grateful I am for the unbelievable drashas that you gave to my shiur this year. I watched my talmidim grow in yiras shomayim and ahavas H-shem and where they are holding now that the year is over … Read More

Mrs. C.R. Twerski, Menaheles

Lechovod Rabbi Veshnefsky, My husband and I both listened to the tape that we received at the Torah Umesorah Convention where you presented questions that students may have as they grow up in the frum home, yet are afraid to ask.  The proofs that you brought straight from the Gemorah and from our Torah were fabulous. It was clear, interesting … Read More