What is

Yesodei Hadas?

Imagine a child sitting on a treasure chest containing a king’s ransom in diamonds. The child has his hand out, begging passersby for a few dollars so he can buy himself some food. What should we do? Should we give him the handout he is asking for? Or should we say to him, “Hey, take a look at what you’re sitting on!”

  • Yesodei Hadas opens students’ eyes to the beauty and glory of Yiddishkeit.

  • We provide intellectually satisfying answers to commonly asked questions.

  • We instill in them pride and confidence.

Frightening Fact!

Over 80% of people who leave Yiddishkeit do so because of the frustration of unanswered fundamental questions!

Based on survey performed by Mark L. Trencher for Nishma Research, 2016

Rabbi Veshnefsky’s dramatic presentations address all the points that these people were troubled by!

By presenting students with the timeless wisdom of Chazal, Yesodei Hadas inoculates them against poisonous doubts and empowers them to face and overcome nisyonos throughout their lives.

Read a menaheles’ actual account of the effect of the Yesodei Hadas seminar! Click here.

About Rabbi Veshnefsky

Rabbi Chaim Veshnefsky, the founder of Yesodei Hadas, was born and raised in Philadelphia. He was educated in the Yeshivos of Staten Island and Brisk (Rav Dovid Soloveitchik), and continued on to study in and receive his semicha from Beis Medrash Govoha in Lakewood. He has been lecturing and teaching for close to 30 years.

His love for teaching led him to develop and pursue numerous educational initiatives, including the Jewish Learning Center of Monmouth County, a widely-used Jewish History curriculum which gained international renown, and ongoing shiurim on a wide array of subjects in Tanach, halacha, and hashkafa. He served as Rov of the Manalapan, NJ community for close to 25 years.

Rabbi Veshnefsky’s signature speaking style, blending passion and wit with clarity and humor, has won the hearts and minds of thousands of talmidim. His multi-faceted Yesodei Hadas lectures have a success rate of nearly 100% as measured by students who feel their questions have been appropriately resolved. Click here to hear a sample of Rabbi Veshnefsky’s lectures.

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